Simple Date Night Look


Even when I’m dressing up for date night, I like to choose pieces that I’m comfortable in (i.e. a dress I won’t tug at the entire night, and comfy shoes since my husband and I generally walk and take public transportation in NYC). The same goes for my makeup. I like to experiment with different looks, but I still want to look like “me” at the end of the day. I opted for a fun, natural look for my recent date night.

The Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation is something I’ve never experienced before in makeup application. When you first pump the foundation out, you’ll notice that it’s a white cream-y texture. But, as soon as you apply it to your skin, it adjusts to match your skin tone. I’m not going to lie – I was blown away! Not only was I amazed by its chameleon-like capabilities, but I love the fact that I felt like I had no foundation on at all. It includes 100% Argan Oil, which means your skin is getting hydrated. To top it off, this foundation does not include synthetic fragrances, parabens, or sulfates.

I applied this over my entire face and neck with a foundation brush. If you don’t have a brush, your fingers are perfectly fine.

If there’s one makeup product you should invest in, it’s a good foundation.

Still love the rms beauty “un-cover” concealer. Can’t rave enough about it.

I dabbed some under my eye with my ring finger and that was pretty much it.

My absolute fave – Sante Eyeliner.

Simply applied some to my waterline and eyelid.

Tarte Cosmetics Beauty & the Box Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Quad

The packaging is beautiful and I love having basic colors like this in my makeup bag. I applied some gold eyeshadow to my eyelid and blended in the dark brown eyeshadow.

Eyebrow Shaper:
Tarte Cosmetics The Brow Architect Browshaper, Liner & Definer

It’s true what they say – Well groomed eyebrows can totally change your look. This is the first browshaper I’ve ever used, and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Vapour Organic Beauty Solar Translucent Bronzer

I applied some to my cheekbones and blended it in.

Kjaer Weis Blossoming Cream Blush

I purchased this for less than $5 at a beauty sale, which I was super thrilled about. The downside is that I fell in love with this blush, so now I have to brace myself when I eventually run out and have to buy a new one at full-price. Trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Sally B’s Skin Yummies B Glossy Lip Gloss

I didn’t have time to wash my hair, so I revived some of my strands with the Remington Styling Wand. People think curling irons are just for girls with straight hair, but curly girls can also make use of it when the hair is no longer as defined a couple days after a wash.

What’s your favorite date night look?

Sunscreen Love


A lot people tend to correlate SPF application with laying out in the sun poolside or by the beach. The truth is, we should be applying sunscreen every single day (yes that even includes winter and rainy days). According to, about 40% of the sun’s rays still reaches us on cloudy days.

My favorite sunscreen right now is Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal. It has a calming citrus scent, also serves as a moisturizer, and does not include synthetic fragrances or parabens.

So before you walk out that door today, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen.

Classic Rain…

raincoat DSC_0121


Raincoat: Michael Kors / Rain Boots: Hunter / Umbrella: Shedrain 

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a dreary, rain day in NYC, but one thing that brightens up my day when raindrops hit the top of my umbrella is classic rain gear. If you look back 10, 20 years ago, most likely you will see a good, timeless raincoat. I love classic looks because they essentially never go out of style. Trends are fun, but there’s something about wearing something that Marilyn Monroe may have sported that makes you feel chic and confident.

This is a little different from my standard posts, but the same way your makeup and hair can make you feel like you can conquer a long day, there’s nothing like clothes that make you feel your best. Obviously, style and taste vary from one person to the next, but when in doubt on a rainy day, grab a neutral raincoat (if it’s not too hot out), bright umbrella, and your favorite rain boots.

Curl Commandment #2


It’s a rainy day in NYC! On that note…

Curl commandment #2: Thou shall not forget to apply leave-in conditioner to thy hair (especially on rainy days). One of my favorites is DevaCurl’s One Condition.

Leave-in conditioner moisturizes the hair, which in turn tames frizz.

Curl Commandment #1


Whether you like or not there are certain things folks with curly hair simply shouldn’t do.

Curl commandment #1: Thou shall not touch thy hair while it is air drying.

With that said, what do you think? Should I give you guys daily curl commandments?

Mother’s Day Beauty Buys


Ready or not – Mother’s Day is this Sunday! If you’re still in shock and have already hit the panic button in the gift-giving department, I’ve come to save the day.

Here are some of my favorite beauty products that can also be great gifts for your mom (not to mention, safer beauty options):

  • Sally B’s Skin Yummies Healing Hand Butter – We’re constantly using our hands and most of us (I hope) wash our hands countless times a day. All of this wear and tear can can wreak havoc on the skin’s texture.  Just a little dab of this every night can supply your mom’s skin with the added moisture that she needs.  Trust me – with the essential oils and other natural ingredients, you can’t go wrong!
  • Coconut Oil – There are so many overpriced moisturizers out there that are filled with chemicals we can’t even pronounce.  Coconut oil is truly nature’s moisturizer that you can apply to your entire body. Read more about this amazing product in my The Many Faces of Coconut Oil post.
  • Clarisonic – “Mom” is not equivalent to ” old”. Your mom deserves to feel like her face is properly cleansed and have the option to exfoliate at home without feeling like she has to shell out loads of money on a facial. I swear by this product, which you can read more about here. Sephora carries different colors so that you can make it more a personalized gift for your mom.
  • Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle – I can’t stress enough that beauty comes from within as well. Whatever we ingest, and eventually digest, plays a huge factor in the appearance of our skin. We all know the basic benefits of water. Here’s a BPA-free, eco-friendly option, which I love. I travel with this all the time. My water bottle was a gift, but you can find these at any Whole Foods store.
  • Pacifica Perfume – I’m currently in love with the California Star Jasmine scent.  I especially adore the roll-on option that your mom can easily throw in her purse. They sell these at Whole Foods and other health stores.
  • Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Mascara – Volumizing mascara without all the harsh chemicals. I generally pick up the 2-for-1 deals at Duane Reade.
  • Sparitual Nail Polish – This is a great brand, that you can find at Sephora as well. If you want to treat your mom to a professional mani/pedi as well, she can bring the Sparitual nail polish, or whatever 3-free/5-free brand you choose, with her for beautiful nails that aren’t coated with toxins.

I hope something on this list suits your mom, but remember, the most important gift of all, although it sounds like a cliché, is LOVE. Celebrating Mother’s Day is a blessing. Spend time with your mom, grandmother, sister, etc. without the every day distractions (i.e. cell phones, computers, TV; except if you’re away and need to FaceTime or Skype each other). Just be in the moment!

Manual Healthy Hair Routine

Manual Healthy Hair Routine

Do you know that amazing feeling you get when you go to a hair salon and they massage your scalp when washing your hair? Well, scalp massages aren’t only great for removing product build-up, but there are several other benefits, such as:

– Aiding hair growth
– Releasing stress
– And increasing blood flow in your scalp

Get into the habit of massaging your scalp at least 5 minutes a day. I like to do scalp massages with natural oils, like jojoba oil and coconut oil, before washing my hair for added benefits and hair “therapy”.  (Not to mention, it’s a great arm workout as well.)

Semi-Heatless Hair Tool



This past weekend, my lovely matron of honor and maid of honor hosted an unforgettable bridal shower for me. I generally wear my hair naturally curly, but I wanted something a little different.

I flat ironed my hair the night before and to avoid applying excessive heat, I opted for my Hot Clips Multi-Size Hot Rollers by Conair. I love this hot roller set because although it heats up fairly quickly, you’re not applying that intense heat to your hair that you generally get from curling irons. You simply take the rollers out of the little “heat” box (or at least I’d like to call it that) and leave it on your hair as long as you’d like without frying it.

Although I love my curls, it’s fun to play with different looks sometimes – just make sure you give your locks constant TLC.

DIY Hunter Boots Cleaning Method


Winter has been extremely harsh in the East Coast this year so I’ve been making good use of my Hunter boots. One thing you’ve probably noticed with these amazing boots, whether you have your own pair or have seen them on someone else, is that they get this white coating over the entire boot. According to the FAQ section of the Hunter website, “This is described by the term ‘blooming’ and is completely normal for natural rubber products.” I thought this gave an interesting look to it at first, but then I missed my gray boots!

Hunter seems to have some great products that will get the job done when it comes to giving it that brand new look, but I decided to give something from my kitchen cabinet a try – Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

EVOO does an amazing job at cleaning my stainless steel appliances (refrigerator and dishwasher) and is quite delicate so I had high hopes for this. Whenever I can use something from my kitchen cabinet as a cleanser as well, I’m all for it. Simply grab a cloth, apply EVOO and pass it over your boots.

The picture above doesn’t do it justice because I had just used it in the snow (a before and after picture would have been great here), but I am loving the results. I’ve used my Hunter boots a few times since doing this method and aside from the obvious dirt from being outdoors and from the snow, EVOO got the job done.

What products do you you like to use in a variety of ways?

Quick Curly Hair Tip


You can manipulate your curl pattern and the tightness of your curl with your fingers (personal curling “iron”). I sometimes wrap strands around two or three fingers for thicker/looser curls. Just be sure to do this on wet hair after you’ve applied your product(s).

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