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Rent the Runway

New York City Wedding Photography | www.elevatepics.comAnother fashion post for you guys!

I’ve never been one to splurge on clothes, so when I decide to buy what I consider to be an expensive piece, I make it a point to determine whether or not it’s a trendy item. Trendy items will be out of style before you know it, so it’s best to really take this into account before swiping that card. I’d recommend investing in timeless pieces, such as a black blazer and black or nude pumps since these will never go out of style.

Now that’s not to say that I don’t swoon over high-end designer clothes, which is why I adore Rent the Runway. I’ve rented dresses from there for two weddings, as well as for my engagement photos.  Events/occasions like these are the best excuse to slip on a Kate Spade dress without breaking the bank. Nowadays, we tend to wear a dress to one event then cringe at the thought of pulling it out of our closets for another outing – mostly due to social media.  Imagine the horror if you wore the same dress on more than one occasion! Come on – I know you’ve been there!  Although I’m not ashamed to admit that I recycle outfits, on days when I want to slip on something new, this is the perfect alternative.

Have you ever tried Rent the Runway?


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My Favorite Hair Diffuser


Air drying curly hair isn’t always the preferred method for everyone. As much as I try to limit the amount of heat I apply to my tresses, most of the time, I don’t have the time or patience to let it air dry.  Luckily, diffusers are designed to help prevent heat damage, so no need to worry about affecting your curl pattern.  In fact, diffusers enhance your already beautiful curls. This is why a diffuser is my best friend, in particular the Metropolis Technology The New York Hair Dryer.

Now before you gasp at the price of this hair dryer (clears throat…$239), rest assured that I purchased this at TJ Maxx for $40!! Can you believe it? I was in diffuser bargain heaven!

Aside from the unbelievable deal, the reason I was particularly drawn to this hair dryer is because of the detoxifying properties. I try to incorporate a healthier lifestyle in everything I do, right down to my hair diffuser. For starters, it’s an eco-friendly dryer and reduces radiation by a whopping 99%. It also detoxifies germs and odors. These aren’t things we generally think about when we pick up a hair dryer, but it’s something we should truly start to think about, especially if you blowout or diffuse your hair constantly.

In addition to the diffuser, the hair dryer also comes with two concentration nozzles, which I also use since I’ve recently started blow drying my own hair. I’m not going to lie, I love a fresh blowout during the winter (but I digress).

If you’re looking for something to enhance your curls, diffusing is a great option. You’ll also notice that it gives you extra volume to get those beautiful, bouncy curls.

What’s your favorite hair diffuser?


2014 Highlights

In my previous post I talked about hair highlights; now I’d love to share my 2014 highlights. Wow, two posts in one day! So much has happened this year, but we must all remember that through good experiences and bad experiences we learn a little more about ourselves. We learn to accept our flaws and grow from them. Believe it or not, that’s exudes confidence and beauty.

A Bashful Beauty Wedding
How could this not be my first highlight? Beautiful memories and a new life together with my handsome husband, William.

Nail Color
This is a great segue to my post about making your jewelry pop (specifically wedding bands and engagement rings), with a simple coat of nail polish.

10 Best Beauty Tips for Curly Hair
The more you understand you hair texture, the more confident you’ll be. So many people ask me why I don’t want to straighten my hair more often. It’s certainly a compliment when someone says I look great with a blowout, but in some ways it’s still a testament that we live in a society that frowns upon embracing curls. Love your curly hair and don’t succumb to the stereotype that curly hair isn’t professional, sexy or beautiful.

Simple Date Night Look
You can even do this look tonight if you want something pretty, yet subtle.

Semi-Heatless Hair Tool
If you need to refresh your curls or have straight/wavy hair and want to add curls to your look without applying too much heat, this is a great tool.

Natural Facial with Only Two Ingredients
If you need to freshen up your skincare routine for the new year, especially after all the NYE makeup looks, this is an affordable and effective facial.

Hope you enjoyed these highlights. Have a safe and happy new year!