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Friday “Beauty” Favorites

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  In honor of the official summer kick-off, today’s Friday “Beauty” Favorites is all about fun, summer accessories and looks. So here’s what I’ve rounded up. Enjoy!

Favorite Backpack (via Nordstrom): 
Favorite Outfit (via POPSUGAR):



Favorite Short Haircut (Sazan):



Favorite Healthy Summer Drink (Kimberly Snyder):


What are you excited about this upcoming summer?

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One Year Wedding Anniversary

Last month, I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary. I truly can’t believe that it’s been a year already!

Will and I wanted to do something special to remember certain elements from our wedding day – all within the comfort of our home. I’m happy to say that it was a romantic success and we had a lot of fun pulling it all together. In case you’re wondering exactly how we celebrated it, you’re in luck because I’m giving you a quick peak today.

Centerpiece: A couple days before our anniversary, we visited the florist we used on our wedding day and asked them to replicate our centerpiece. Carnations and mason jars were a part of our big day. While wedding planning, our main goal was to keep it simple and we loved the way it turned out. The mason jars served as additional party favors. In fact, our guests still enjoy them today, utilizing them as cups for drinks – one of my favorite things to drink out of.

Cake: Our wedding cake had three different fillings (oreo mousse, chocolate mouse and vanilla). We chose not to freeze the top layer of the cake for a year (a wedding tradition), so similar to the centerpiece, we called our wedding baker in advance and placed an order for 3 smash cakes. I wasn’t familiar with these at the time, but they’re super cute 5 inch cakes. A week after our anniversary, we hosted a video event so that some friends and family can view our wedding video for the first time, and we still had enough cake to share with them.

Champagne Flutes and Cutting Knives: One of the gifts from my parents were personalized champagne flutes and cutting knives (pictured above). It’s was nice to use them again. I hold them very dear to my heart.

Greeting Cards: The ones you see above (in addition to the one below) are anniversary cards, and if you’ve read my Greeting Card Decor post, you may recognize them.

Our anniversary landed on Easter this year so we were able to enjoy a beautiful service at the same church where we exchanged our vows. I wore a yellow lace dress, Will’s favorite color, and he wore a purple tie, my favorite color. I also wore my wedding day hairpin.

Now we can’t forget the most exciting part. Exchanging gifts! We decided to take the traditional wedding gift route, and the one year anniversary theme is paper. Here’s an overview of what we gave each other:

– I created a customized photobook for him using Shutterfly. The theme of his vows centered around different ways I’ve made him smile throughout our relationship. So with that, I entitled the book “When You Smile”, focusing on other things in his life that make him smile and ended it with his vows to me.

– If you don’t already know, I’m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. He bought me an incredible biography of Audrey autographed by the author, stationary from Papyrus (another one of my obsessions) and a personalized stamp.

It was such an incredible day that we commemorated with a video, which we hope to do every year.

Hope you enjoyed this special post.

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Friday “Beauty” Favorites

Friday is finally here! Naturally, this day of the week makes us feel extra happy. It reminds us that it’s time to unwind and truly enjoy the things that we love.

Today, I’m starting what I’d like to call the Friday “Beauty” Favorites series where I share images and things that I’ve come across on other blogs, Pinterest (I’m obsessed) and throughout my day-to-day routine that inspire me.

In the spirit of my blog update yesterday, this is also a great preview of what you can expect on future posts. Beautiful decor, fashion, products and so much more.

Favorite Entryway (Liz Marie Blog):

Favorite Vintage Bike:

Favorite Illuminizer:

Favorite Boho Chic Look (Vanessa Balli):

Favorite Floral Centerpiece (Magnolia):

Do any of these images bring you joy as well?

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